Repair or Replace? How To Tell What’s Best for Your Home

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There are so many unexpected expenses when you own a home. While it may feel good to buy new things, it is not always feasible, so you have to decide what can be repaired and what needs to be replaced. Sometimes, buying new is less expensive in the long run than trying to repair certain items. And sometimes, you hate something, and breaking gives you the perfect excuse to replace it.

Here are some common things in the home that may leave you wondering if they should be repaired or replaced.



There is a common misconception that repairing appliances is more expensive and frustrating than replacing them. However, when talking to a technician who does appliance repair in Portland, the needed repair is often something small like a switch or seal. Suppose you weren’t already in the market for a new refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, microwave, washer, dryer, or garbage disposal. In that case, it’s worth looking at it and getting an estimate on the repair before you decide to replace it. You can save a lot of money by repairing appliances that stop working or aren’t working correctly. For example, a refrigerator that is always running to maintain its temperature is not working efficiently and costing you money. Getting maintenance can save you money on your utility bill and lengthen the appliance’s life. Maintaining appliances will also save money.

Bathtub or Shower


Typically, when talking about a bathtub or shower, it’s the plumbing that breaks instead of the actual tub or shower area. When the plumbing breaks, you have to have it repaired to prevent water damage in your home’s bathroom and other areas. However, if the plumbing work that needs to be done is extensive, you may also need to decide the future of your bathtub or shower. This may be the perfect time to get an estimate for a replacement bathtub or conversion from a bathtub to a shower or from a shower to a bathtub.



If a window breaks, it needs to be replaced. However, the general problem is when windows start leaking or letting air through so the house’s temperature isn’t properly maintained. Leaking windows can cause your utility bills to be significantly higher than they need to be. If the windows are old single-pane windows, it will be best to replace them because the air is coming through the thin glass. However, if the air is coming through the edges of the window, it is possible they need new caulk. Replacement windows can be costly, so you can save yourself thousands of dollars if caulking them solves the problem.



Tile can be used in many different ways throughout the house. Tile work may be on your floor, walls, bathroom, or shower. Depending on how extensive the damage is and whether or not you can match the tile, you can replace only the broken tiles to save money. If the broken tiles are in the shower, you risk water getting into the walls, so if they have been cracked or broken for a while, it is best to tear down what is there and replace them to check for mold and water damage, too.

When you have the money to replace something, it feels good to get something new. However, saving money allows you to spend money where you want to, so it is important to consider repairing something first. Even when remodeling your home, reusing things can allow you to spend more on things you want to be replaced. Learning to fix or repurpose things yourself will also save a great deal of money during the remodeling process.

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