4 Career Paths for Women in Business


The global pandemic has caused many people to rethink their career paths. It’s brought with it opportunities and needs, too. With remote learning and online classes more popular than ever, many women are taking advantage of these programs and bringing their careers to the next level. With big changes in the global market making the world more connected than ever before, many women are moving toward careers in nearly every business niche. If you’re a woman looking to bring your career to the next level and debating which career path to choose, here are four paths many are having great success with.

1. Business Law


Few degree combinations are as powerful as a JD and MBA. For women with an interest in law, and who may already have an MBA, a great way to make a big mark on the world is to combine years of business experience with a law degree from a top law school. Whether you’re fresh out of business school at Merrimack College or are just beginning your college career, a great way to plan out a successful future is to consider a combination of online programs and real-world experience that will lead to options in the future.

For women interested in going places and shattering glass ceilings, it’s important to have role models. Someone like Caitlin Gossage, who works out of Toronto in investment law, is a great example of an attorney who has taken her law degree to the next level in business. If you’re hoping to take the next step in your career, regardless of where you are with your education, considering a law degree could be a great way to rise up in the business world. Make sure to keep an eye on great role models like Gossage while you’re looking at webinars and online programs as well.

2. Teaching and Business


The global pandemic has shown us all just how important online classes are to our abilities to work and learn remotely. For many women, the pandemic has been an opportunity for them to go back to school with fantastic online learning programs to finish degrees or earn credit hours toward a career overhaul. At the same time, these online programs are opening up career opportunities for business professionals interested in teaching.

It’d be impossible to run a bachelor’s degree program without experienced business professionals and teachers running online courses. For this reason, colleges like Merrimack College have been expanding on their online programs. If you’ve got a business background, a simple Google search for ‘Merrimack College online programs‘ might point you in the direction of opportunities you hadn’t thought about that will impact the business world across all industries and niches.

3. Business Real Estate


As a business professional or student, you’re likely familiar with real estate marketing courses. Whether you’ve taken them or not, you’re also probably well-versed in just how much the real estate industry has boomed since the pandemic. Now is a great time for business-minded people to get their real estate broker’s license and put those real estate classes to good use. For women looking for flexible schedules, career security, and a market that’s growing quickly, the real estate industry could be right for you.

Many people make the mistake of thinking real estate is only about residential listings and open houses. The truth is, though, that because of the global pandemic, your ideal clients might be buying and selling commercial properties just as quickly and could be worth looking into, too.

4. Mental Health Services and Private Practice


The pandemic has brought with it huge changes that have made for higher levels of depression and anxiety that ever reported before. For women looking to help others, the mental health services field needs help now. Whether you put your business experience to use by helping businesses to implement employee wellness programs, or you go back to school to earn a psychology degree, now is a great time to look into the human resources end of the business world.

For those who already have backgrounds in psychology, now is also a great time to fill telehealth gaps by renewing psychology licenses. The business world needs therapists and social workers to help employees who are struggling with remote work, isolation, or job stress. Whether you open your own practice and become your own boss, or get in contact with businesses as a resource, there’s room for you in the workforce in the area of mental health services now.

In the end, how you shape your career is up to you. Whether you hope to become a future business leader, to start your own company, fill a community need, or to make big changes in the world, start by taking a close look at your talents and interests and setting realistic goals before picking a path that feels right to you. Write down a list of pros and cons and long and short term goals. By taking the time to reflect on where you are now and where you hope to be in the future, you’ll be one step closer to a brighter future in the business world.

Faye Ellis brings unparalleled insight on the business trends that matter to our audience. She is a marketing expert who joined us as consultant and now manages all of our valued content.

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