Major Benefits of Integrated CPQ Software

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A common problem plaguing many sales organizations is the swift creation of accurate and professional sales quotes for prospective customers while eliminating inefficiencies and errors. Fortunately, there is a solution to this, and it’s the implementation of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software.

CPQ software is a powerful tool that tackles the inefficiencies of manual pricing and quotations. It works by automating the process of getting a quote, ensuring consistent and accurate pricing for all products and services, and providing insights that boost revenues and customer satisfaction levels. On that note, here are the major benefits you stand to gain by integrating this software into your sales processes.

1. CPQ offers a shorter sales cycle.


At the start of your business, you probably only had to deal with a handful of quotes every month, so handling them manually wasn’t much of a hassle. However, as your business grows, this process becomes time-consuming. It typically involves collecting data from different sources like emails and spreadsheets and trying to make sense of them as you would when solving a puzzle.

As a business looking to move to the next level and scale up, manually processing your quotes will hinder growth. That’s because manually generating quotes deprives your sales team of valuable time during which they could be doing other profitable activities. With CPQ software, your sales rep can provide an accurate quote quickly by using the product’s information, the company’s pricing database, and special offers.

With so many CPQ solutions available, identifying the best Salesforce CPQ solution as a beginner can be tricky. Bear in mind that a reliable CPQ software should provide a seamless CPQ integration with Salesforce CRM applications.

This means you do not have to worry about manually importing customer data from your CRM platform. Instead, the integration ties directly into your Salesforce interface. As such, Salesforce data is used to automatically populate quotes without sacrificing accuracy or your company’s integrity and improve your sales cycle.

2. CPQ solutions offer better customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is essential for the sustainability of any business because most customers will prefer to pay more for a product in exchange for an exceptional experience. This is why companies today are integrating software tools that will improve their customers’ experiences, and CPQ is one such tool.

CPQ systems eliminate pricing limitations that can frustrate buyers and hinder them from making purchases, subsequently pushing them to your competitors. Besides, by automating your pricing and quotes system, you protect customers from missing essential elements during configuration, making your sales process fast, error-free, and satisfactory from all angles.

Furthermore, when you combine the speed that CPQ software offer with a website interface that is friendly to beginners, customers and sales reps will have a smooth user experience when accessing the CPQ tool. But, first, you will need to ensure that your web design and mobile application are up to standard by investing in a good user interface design tool.

If you do not have a design team on the ground, ensure that you get a design professional knowledgeable in graphic design, UX design and UI design tools, Javascript, CSS, HTML code, Adobe Photoshop, and Invision studio. This person should be able to create an intuitive interface and visual that promotes ease of use for your mobile app on any mobile device.

3. CPQ solutions help maintain brand consistency.


Having your sales and marketing teams work with a central tool enhances brand consistency. In addition, it simplifies their job as they can reuse templates that have your company’s branding. You see, most people find it difficult to take a company that does not maintain consistency across all its communication platforms seriously. However, integrating your CRM with an integrated marketing approach takes care of that.

Integrated marketing communications software helps small businesses in content marketing by creating, collaborating, and controlling a consistent message across all their platforms and social media channels. With this integrated marketing campaign, team members can invite collaborators to review and approve exceptional messages and track and monitor all communication channels.

In the end, CPQ solutions take care of everyone’s desires and demands by enabling sales managers to access quotes quickly. At the same time, the marketing team can achieve brand consistency, and customers can enjoy a seamless, personalized, and pleasurable experience.

4. CPQ integration reduces errors and lowers costs.

One of the major benefits of using an integrated CPQ software is that it reduces human errors commonly associated with configuration, pricing, and quoting products and services. It also helps you define the rules of engagement and make the entire quote process less prone to errors by automating each step on the CPQ road.

Cutting down on errors not only prevents customers from sending invalid orders but also reduces the company’s overall costs, as the cost of fixing pricing mistakes can quickly add up and negatively affect your business’s income. With CPQ, your sales team can stop wasting precious time and devote that time to revenue creation and nurturing relationships.

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