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Managing a business for significant productivity and profitability is a perk many companies seek but only a select few enjoy. Why? Well, not everyone can hire a top-level manager with decades of experience to streamline a company’s administrative work. Others simply don’t have the tools to make things happen. But thanks to the internet, all businesses can access essential platforms that make organizing and task management easier. Here are some top organization tools that can guarantee efficiency as much as cost and time savings.

CHILI Publisher


Marketing is a multifaceted business function. Marketing teams need to have representations from several creative disciplines or risk working in silos that may not work well for return on investment (ROI). Today, modern marketing teams have several tools to organize centralized marketing efforts from content creation to publishing. CHILI publisher, for instance, can be a great way to organize digital assets and marketing materials for consistency. By integrating the CHILI publisher document editor into your marketing portal, users can create, edit, and share brochures and testimonials and view other marketing deliverables more effectively.

Contractor Accelerator

Relating with a business’s customers doesn’t only include creating the best social media posts. Businesses can also be on the receiving end listening to customers and making sure they can easily reach other stakeholders like contractors and vendors. Contractor Accelerator can be everything a business needs to streamline and organize CRM operations and stakeholder communication. CRM tools like Contractor Accelerator favor automation. Therefore, you can leverage chatbots to ensure optimum availability for your clients and partners.


Trello can be an alternative to manage the current obstacles of field offices. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how organizations work and communicate tasks. As more organizations continue to favor cloud working environments, Trello keeps increasing in adoption. At a glance, the platform can give you everything in your office. Businesses can leverage this cohesive experience on their Trello boards according to departments and teams, mirroring a company’s organization.

Trello reflects the kanban style of project management, which has been a mainstay of ancient Japanese productive culture. Functional managers can assign tasks to teams using the kanban listing style. In an interdependent work environment where one team’s competed task can be the blueprint for another, Trello makes sharing work among teams more convenient.

For instance, after generating strategies for your new product, functional managers can move the product card from the production team’s list to the sales team. The sales team can leverage these key insights for their sales efforts. Trello makes it easier to differentiate completed tasks and “to-dos” by assigning colors. The platform has a free version that limits the number of boards you can have with a specific account.

Google Calendar


Collaboration plays a vital role in organizing, and today’s corporate marketing favors more collaborative content operations between brands and influencers. Your channel partners can access and manage your social media content platforms from everywhere in the world. But efficient collaboration is a result of efficient scheduling, and Google Calendar can be your best bet.

With Google as the parent company, a Google calendar user can integrate the tool into multiple platforms, from website to mail. That way, any timeline and task-delivery conversation with your graphical page designer, for example, can become a scheduled date that can be tracked in real-time. Google Calendar can be a go-to for scheduling meetings and setting reminders. And you get all of this and more for free.


Canva can be a great way to create branded media files and organize your marketing materials. The platform democratizes graphic designing with templates that equip almost anyone to improve their content creation needs. Canva provides millions of images and design elements for free use. However, stock and copyrighted images may come with terms and conditions. Paid Canva users can enjoy the liberty of featuring their brand assets automatically on materials.

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