4 Careers Teens Can Start Preparing for Now

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From working as a veterinarian to building a career that makes a difference in communities at large, teenagers often exhibit hints of passion from very early on. The great news is that while it will take a lot of schooling to become a veterinarian or therapist, there are many jobs teenagers can try out now to be sure about their career goals and get a jump start on those passions. For a closer look at four popular career paths that teens in the U.S. can begin to take the next steps toward and explore now, read on.

1. Careers in Animal Sciences


It’s not unusual for teenagers to have a natural love of animals and become interested in a career involving the daily tasks of caring for animals. While some teens may have an eye on a career as a veterinarian, it’s never too early to begin working toward a career in animal services. For some teenagers, a great way to begin learning about animals is to enroll in a veterinary assistant program where they’ll be exposed to what it might take to work as a veterinarian, keeper at a zoo, park ranger, veterinarian technician, or veterinary assistant.

2. Mentorship and Education


Does your teen know all the scoreboard rebound rankings from last season? Do they live for high school sports? Have you watched them bloom through playing their favorite sport? Do you spend Friday nights at a school like Marian Catholic watching your child engage in a sport they love?

Maybe your teenager plays for a high school basketball team and has a state championship record in rebounds. An athletic student like yours might enjoy sharing their passion with the world in a career capacity. Whether they hope to become an educator, mentor, or basketball coach, they can get started by volunteering to work as an assistant coach. Not only will this give them experience trying out coaching and teaching, but they’ll have a clear picture of what their future might look like while giving back to a sport and community they already love. Their interests might also lead well to becoming a professor, teacher, or college academic advisor at a place like Oswego or Meadows College.

3. Jobs That Make a Difference


For many teens, having a career where they’ll be able to make a difference is important. Whether your child attends Crystal Lake Central or Mount Carmel, teens who are civic-minded often do well in human services work. To get them started now, encourage your teen to volunteer at a place like Duncanville Women’s Shelter or a local food pantry. In giving the service fields a chance now, they’ll have a clearer picture of the many ways they can make a difference in a little village, big city, and everywhere in between.

4. Medical Industry Options


Some of the best jobs in the medical industry include nursing, direct support work, and work in mental health. If your child has expressed an interest in becoming an essential worker, consider helping them to volunteer in a local hospital. There, they’ll be able to meet mentors and learn more about options.

At the end of the day, whether your teenager hopes to become a coach to lead a high school team to the state championship, veterinarian to help save and care for animals, therapist to promote mental wellness in a little village, or park ranger somewhere specific like the Sierra Canyon, or if your teen is simply interested in getting a jump on options through tech programs, the best thing any parent or mentor can do is encourage them to explore. In helping your teen take the next steps toward their passions, you’ll be showing them that you believe in them and helping them get off to a fantastic start.

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