Organizational Tools for a Fast-Growing Company


With 50 percent of small businesses failing within five years, running a fast-growing company is an incredible accomplishment. You should congratulate yourself and celebrate your success, but you also have to quickly build an infrastructure capable of managing your flourishing business.

One thing all growing companies have in common is more of everything. You have more customers, which requires more personnel and tools to get the job done. Furthermore, you’ll need an IT infrastructure capable of managing all these moving and expanding parts. As you can see, growing can be as scary as it is exciting. No worries. We’re here to tell you about some great tools that will help you organize and manage your fast-growing company.

Machine Learning Infrastructure


A trend that’s impacting every industry is the growth of data science. Big data is everywhere, and the companies that don’t capitalize on it can’t compete at the highest levels of business. In other words, you have to harness big data to succeed in big business.

The first step to building a data science infrastructure is to implement machine learning (ML), enabling artificial intelligence to automate data analytics processes. You can even use machine learning to implement deep learning for physical and cybersecurity. The possibilities are endless with ML.

Digital Equipment Management System

As we mentioned in the introduction, part of growing is acquiring more equipment to better serve your growing customer base and workforce. Some companies have to provide their employees with laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic devices for professional use in the field and remote working.


With a digital equipment management system, your company can track the location, performance, and condition of its assets. You can even use data analytics to make predictions about the condition of your equipment, enabling preventive maintenance. With a digital equipment management system, you also get an equipment checkout form template you can use to make the necessary adjustments and create your own equipment checkout form. With this tool, you can send your company’s equipment into the field with confidence.

Project Management Software

If you wonder how your competition is saving money on their operations, they’re probably allowing their employees to work from home. Remote working cuts costs and employee turnover, and some companies attribute their increased production to their team members working from home.

Project management software is an essential tool for remote working teams and teams that frequently work in the field. It’s a tool that enables them to collaborate in real-time and work on different parts of the same project without interfering with each other.

CRM and OKR Software


CRM and OKR software are essential to utilize the massive amounts you collect on the people most critical to your company’s success: customers and employees. CRM is short for customer relationship management and is used to gain insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and more. OKR is an acronym for objectives and key results and is software used to set company and employee goals and track employee and company progress.

When you consider the low success rate of small businesses, at the helm of a growing company is a great place to be. The best way to ensure that the growth process grows smoothly is to expand your company’s operational infrastructure to meet current and future demands. Using the right organizational tools will boost your ability to implement effective best practices and enhance the customer experience. It’s no wonder tools that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning loom large in our list.

With a comprehensive ML framework, your data scientists can train models to create complex algorithms and provide your company with actionable insights. It’s also a good idea to use a digital asset management system for equipment inventory control. Project management software is essential for remote working personnel and team members whose work frequently takes them out of the office. And, you can get in-depth insights into your personnel and customers with OKR and CRM software programs. Indeed, all of these tools are vital to managing your fast-growing company.

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