How To Care for a Running Track

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You can find a running track at various venues from schools and colleges to athletics facilities and gyms. A running track surface hosts numerous track and field events like hurdles and the high jump and is a signature amenity of many stadiums. With any soft sports surface like running tracks or tennis courts, it’s necessary to do regular cleaning and perform routine maintenance to keep it in top-notch shape. Proper care is vital to keep the facility in the best possible condition and ensure that it is safe for athletes to use.

These surfaces are usually made from small rubber granules and other materials that provide a soft surface for athletic events. Unlike other surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, a running track surface can be more sensitive to wear and tear and even small cracks. If left unattended, the track surface can quickly fall into disrepair and require a complete and costly renovation. Proactive track maintenance includes sweeping, brushing, removing dirt and leaves, and keeping it free from litter and other debris. However, if you want to keep your running track in good shape, you’ll need to stick to a maintenance plan. Let’s take a look at how you should care for a running track.

Proactive Maintenance


Proactive work is done regularly to keep the facility’s sports track surface in the best condition possible. As discussed, you should always make time to sweep and clean the surface to prevent any damage or buildup on the track. Depending on the track’s surface, whether it is rubber granules or a synthetic track material, there are treatments that you can apply to the surface. These chemical treatments will help prevent contamination and can help remove moss and algae and prevent further growth on the surface. Doing this will also make the flooring less likely to need reactive work and cut down on your overall athletics surface maintenance costs.

If you want to keep the track in good shape, you also need to monitor the people, runners, and other athletes who use the track. You need to create some rules for running on the track. There shouldn’t be any driving on the track, and skateboarding, rollerblading, or biking should also be prohibited. Additionally, athletes using the track shouldn’t wear shoes with spikes longer than 1/8″. Mandating these things will be your best option for preventing unnecessary damage to the track surface.

If dedicated sports teams or other groups are using the track, it might be helpful to provide them with some acceptable types of footwear that can be worn safely on the track. Sporting goods stores have a host of tennis shoes and other running footwear that is acceptable for track use. A store like De Leon Sporting Goods can be a great place to get a list of suggestions for shoes that you can pass on to those using the track. A sporting goods store with a selection of different items and shoes will be a tremendous help when trying to find ways to protect your athletic facility.

Reactive Maintenance


If the track surface has developed some problems, it will require repair, or reactive maintenance. You may need to consult a running track repair guide to understand how best to treat your specific problems. Small cracks and other problems that are smaller in scope might be addressed using a repair kit. However, due to the nature of these soft surfaces, repairing it yourself might lead to headaches. There are plenty of contractors and track repair professionals that will consult with you on the best way to fix your surface. The key, however, is to do proactive maintenance often to avoid the need for any repairs or renovations.

A well-cared-for track surface can last for many years. If you take care to maintain the track and even consult with sporting goods stores for the appropriate footwear for athletes, the track surface can be an active part of any athletic facility or program.

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