Essential Upgrades for Industrial Environments

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Manufacturing, farming, and construction are among the most fundamental industries in the American economy. These industrial jobs use heavy machinery and produce products that we can’t live without — or at least products that we’d much rather not live without.

Even though upgrades to industrial job sites and manufacturing plants are expensive, they’re also essential. Upgrades to industrial environments make the work safer and help workers to operate more efficiently. After all, employees can only be as safe and effective as the machinery they use and the company infrastructure enables them to be. If you’re a contractor or a manager at a plant, then these following upgrades are must-haves for your company.

Surveillance Systems

When people think of surveillance systems, they’re usually upgrading their safety system with the purpose of deterring crime. While that is the main function of surveillance systems, they also serve other essential functions, like promoting safe practices at the job site. When employees know they’re being watched and recorded, they tend to be on their best behavior. Not only do security cameras deter criminal activity, but they also help to keep people safe on the job and following best practices.

You probably already have a surveillance system, but if you haven’t upgraded it in the past decade, then now is the time. These days, manufacturers are moving away from analog cameras and relying on cloud-based systems, digital video recorder (DVR) systems, and network video recorder (NVR) systems.

It’s hard to know whether the cloud, DVR or NVR system is best for your company because it just depends on your security infrastructure and needs. All systems have their pros and cons. The analog system is pretty outdated, and cloud, DVR, and NVR systems all offer far more capabilities. However, unlike the DVR system, NVR and cloud systems allow you to access your surveillance system remotely which is a huge plus if your job site and main office are in different locales.

Warehouse and Factory Floors

Concrete floors are the most durable floors Around, but even concrete can use a little maintenance every now and then. If you have a lot of slips and falls at your job site or cracks in the floor, that’s a clear indicator that your floors may need a new coating or replacing with new concrete.

Not only is concrete coating good for safety, but it will also improve the aesthetics of your factory or warehouse. If you manufacture products or parts for another company, then you want your facility to give a first impression that will put you on any major brands’ shortlist of plants they want to handle their manufacturing or order fulfillment.

TSR Concrete Coatings has years of experience coating concrete floors for industrial companies. They offer several types of the coating including epoxy, urethane, and polyaspartics floor coating solutions.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Whether it’s manufacturing, packaging, and shipping, or construction, industrial enterprises are always in a race against time. Consequently, businesses in those industries are always looking for ways to speed up production to meet the demands of their customers.

One of the biggest time-wasters at any type of job is small tasks that can be performed by machines, such as transporting goods across the company premises or picking up and loading materials. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are a solution that is becoming increasingly popular in industrial jobs from farming to warehousing and manufacturing.

With AGVs, the vehicles can operate themselves — you just have to program them for the job that you want to be done. There are AGV forklifts, tractors, cherry pickers, and much more. Not only can these machines pick up, load, and transport goods and materials, but you can also program them to initiate these tasks at set times every day or only on certain days.

Objectives and Key Results Software

Keeping your employees on task and ensuring that the company moves towards its goals is crucial to the success of any manufacturing or other industrial enterprise. Objectives and key results (OKR) software is a product made in heaven for industrial jobs.

OKR software allows you to track the progress of your company as you shoot for objectives. OKR uses metrics to track company progress and employee productivity regardless of project type. It also helps you to recognize and implement best practices to boost company efficiency, which ensures increased safety at the same time.

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