4 E-Commerce Businesses You Can Run from Home

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The current value of the E-commerce industry is $27 trillion, with over 70% of Americans visiting online businesses for one transaction or another. E-commerce is absolutely a niche worth exploiting if you’re considering starting a small busienss. What’s more, the need to purchase goods and services online has never been greater than it is now, during the global COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re already thinking about how to break into the E-commerce space, then you’re in luck. Check out these businesses you can run from home as you stay safe and remain productive.

1. Clothing and Merchandise



A very lucrative way to break into the e-commerce space is by selling seasonal clothes, fitness wear, shape-wear, shoes, and even bags. If you love the idea of selling bags, keep in mind that they’re not just useful for carrying stuff. Bags are also used for styling purposes. For example, a travel bag, weekend bag, and gym bag usually come in different looks. You wouldn’t want a leather handle on your gym bag, but if you’re going away for the weekend you may want a weekend bag with reliable and classy looking leather handle or leather straps. What’s more, the trends are always updating.


That being said, some bag trends do tend to remain year after year. Take, for example, waxed canvas travel bags. They’re an excellent choice for any budding E-commerce entrepreneur. On top of the fact that they’re trendy all year round, the popularity of these bags spans across both male and female fashion.


If you’re not sure where to start searching, sites like Buffalo Jackson can help. They offer a durable unisex collection of handbags and other accessories such as belts and wallets. Their unique travel bags are stitched with durable leather straps and come in very handy for weekend travel. Most are designed with interior and exterior pockets for additional storage space. If you want to start selling soon and have funds available, you can get inspiration from the wide selection offered in their outlet. Their prices are so affordable that you can easily buy bulk canvas travel bags and sell at a markup for a profit.

2. Tech and Digital Goods



As with clothing and merchandise, you can also purchase wholesale tech products and resell for profit. This includes mini storage devices such as memory cards. Sites like Everything But Stromboli offer high-quality bulk flash drives, custom-made USB sticks and thumb drives bulk from trusted brands like PNY, Kingston, and SanDisk. You can purchase all kinds of flash drives and thumb drives in bulk at special wholesale prices. Everyone needs extra data storage these days, which makes bulk usb drives very easy to turn a profit selling. On top of this, free shipping is offered on orders over $99.


That being said, digital products aren’t only physical devices like USB flash drives or Mac OS. They also include soft products such as educational and motivational e-books, as well as fitness plans. The fantastic thing about selling digital products is that you only have to produce them once, but you can sell multiple copies.


Furthermore, it’s cost-effective as you don’t have to spend a lot of money on stocking inventory. The ease of editing and updating your goods is also a plus. Also, bear in mind that an E-commerce website may require a privacy policy which is a requirement in the United States and most other countries.

3. Wellbeing Products



Fast-moving beauty and wellness products are another great E-commerce option. This includes makeup, beard oils, and CBD (cannabidiol) oils or other CBD products. CBD products, such as CBD oils or topicals are also part of the wellbeing niche and are used by many people for anxiety management and sleeping disorders.


Suppose you’re after CBD wholesale products. On sites like The Basic CBD, you can find natural hemp products and full spectrum CBD oil with high potency and devoid of artificial flavors that are common in the CBD industry. The products sold by this CBD company have been approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and buying wholesale CBD oil will get you the best value. This allows you to make a better profit on the pure CBD you’ll be selling, which is another plus for you as potential industrial hemp or cannabinol seller.

4. Handmade Goods



Another easy E-commerce business you can run from home is selling handmade products. They can be handmade by you or bought from another crafter or maker. You only need to have the craftsmanship if you opt for the handmade route. It’s one of the best ways of turning your skill or hobby into cash. Examples include selling paintings, custom greeting cards, handmade books, custom jewelry, knitted merchandise, and clothing. You’ll also do well if your products are lightweight. This way, you can easily offer free shipping as a starter to attract more customers. Customers love vendors who provide free shipping and always have reliable products.

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