Easy Ways to Make Your Bar or Restaurant Stand Out From the Crowd

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The restaurant industry can be incredibly competitive. If you are running a local eatery, you need to find ways to stand out among the crowd and become a favorite spot for the people in your community. The way to do this is with creative marketing, a great team, dynamic menu choices, and exciting events. Have fun creating great offerings for your community as a way to draw them into your restaurant.

Foodservice establishments are all about entertaining your guests with great food and a fun atmosphere. You are presenting people with the opportunity to connect over a meal, celebrate big moments, or try something new. Whether you are running a local bar with Thursday night karaoke or a classy steakhouse for fancy occasions, you want to be the place people turn to when they want to celebrate or share these special memories. Let’s look at a few ways you can stand out as a restaurant and create a unique experience your guests will be sure to love.

Keep the building maintained and updated.

First, you need to be sure your location and building are perfect and completely functional. This may involve regular maintenance and repairs. For example, you need a working HVAC system and a successful thermostat. If you start to notice common commercial HVAC problems like low refrigerant, stuffy airflow, strange odors, or weird noises, you may want to call a technician. They can help you improve or replace your HVAC to benefit the indoor air quality for your staff and your guests. Your commercial HVAC system can affect your overall restaurant experience, so make sure everything is in working order when it comes to common problems like this.

Commit to a dynamic brand or niche.

If you’ve ever heard the idiom “Jack of all trades, master of none,” you know that it’s often better to be the latter. Trying to do too much with your restaurant can actually make you blend into the crowd. Instead, stand out with a specific niche or brand that people will remember. This can be anything from a creative atmosphere to a hyper-specific menu. For example, maybe you want to open a vegan restaurant. Have fun putting together a plant-based menu as the best way to draw that exact crowd. You can even wow with plant based mayo and other sauces from Only! Plant-Based. Keep the dairy and animal products out of your restaurant and still serve excellent flavors with plant-based dressings.

Higher the best staff in town.

The people who work at your restaurant make a huge impression on the guests that visit your establishment. Help your location stand out by hiring great people who can further your brand. When your team feels valued and appreciated, they will make the guests feel the same way. Create a place that feels comfortable and positive so that customers want to come back and visit their favorite team of workers.

Create a great menu with signature items.

It’s no secret that people visit restaurants and bars for great food and drinks. Stand out with a great menu that you’re really proud of. If you have unique and creative signature items, they’ll become the talk of the town. Word of mouth travels quickly, and you’ll find people beating down your door to get a taste of what you’re selling.

Host events and become a part of the community.

Stand out in your community by hosting events that become local traditions. If you host something like a weekly trivia night, you’ll get regulars that are committed to being there from week to week. The more creative you can get with these fun events, the more business you’ll drum up.

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