A Week in Savannah, GA, on a $60,000 Salary

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Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

This week, we’ll be eyeing how an interior designer who makes $60,000 spends her paycheck in the vibrant city of Savannah, GA.

Occupation: interior designer

Age: 31

Location: Atlanta, GA

Salary: $60,000 (approx. $2,308 per pay period)

Day One


It’s been so hot these days that I woke up just thinking: How can you control the humidity in your Savannah, GA, home? It felt absurd to have to think that because how much moisture can a household?! So I Googled this thought and found out that my air conditioner could be the reason behind these high humidity levels and mold on the walls.

Apparently, it should be dehumidifying my home, but instead, it’s creating too much condensation indoors, causing my asthma and allergies to spike. So I’m calling Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning to see how they can help me control the humidity levels in my house. It’s the afternoon, and they found a minor issue in my AC’s dehumidifier and fixed it on the spot—that’s how efficient and prepared their technicians are.

Total: $54.23

Day Two


It’s only Tuesday, and my eyes are so puffy that my eye bags just can’t seem to stay hidden for more than two hours each day. I work in an office downtown, and the allergens there are insane. I’ve tried so many tutorials on how to reduce puffy eyes, including home remedies, cool compresses, and tea bags, but none seem to work on me. So I’m buying anti-swelling supplements from Swell No More that my doctor recommended, which are made from natural ingredients and can help treat both things at once.

Total: $49.90

Day Three


Today, I can already feel my air conditioner doing wonders at home, so I woke up feeling good. I just got out of work and am on my way to the Savannah Theatre to catch a show with my two friends U. and Y. The show was great, and now I’m headed home to enjoy a good night’s sleep free of humidity.

Total: $57.89

Day Four


Tonight, I’m staying home after work and ordering some delivery food from Zunzi’s. I always enjoy their Johnny Roll bowls, which are vegan meatballs with hummus and mixed greens and some Sheba sauce. I decided to order Selma’s Sweets as well because I feel like eating something sugary today. Tonight’s going to be delicious and chilly.

Total: $18.93

Day Five


It’s finally Friday, and I’m free today from work because I’m headed to the airport to pick up my best friend since childhood, R. R.’s visiting his family after a year abroad and he wanted to surprise them, so he called me to pick him up and spend the day with him and his family. So we stopped at Treylor Park Hitch to buy some nachos and egg rolls for appetizers and continued to his parents’ place.

Total: $28.44

Day Six


It’s Saturday, and R. called me asking if I had any plans today. I told him I was free, and he invited me to visit his sister O. and nephews at Forsyth Park. So he picked me up with his family, and we made a stop at Walmart to buy his nephews some toys and continued our way over there. O’s face was priceless when she saw R. walking towards her.

Total: $23.11

Day Seven


Sunday’s here, and I can’t believe my eyes are not puffy, and my house is feeling refreshed and humidity-free. I decided to stay at home and do some chores and enjoy what’s left of the weekend. I ordered another bottle of Swell No More for O. because she said her doctor had also recommended the supplements, but she never got around to buying it. I’ll give it to her tomorrow after work.

Total: $49.90

Total for the week: $282.40

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