Can a Home Warranty Save Me Money on Repairs?

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With home repair costs going higher every year and family budgets being stretched further due to the global pandemic, the last thing any family needs is an outrageous home repair bill, and no way to know if tomorrow will bring another needed repair.

For this reason, many people find comfort in working with a home warranty company to protect their homes and appliances. If you’re a homeowner wondering if a home warranty could save you money, read on to learn more about home warranty companies and home warranty options.

How Home Warranty Plans Work


In recent months, the global pandemic has caused a boost in the real estate market. If you’re like many people, you’re just settling into your new home, learning about appliances, getting familiar with your new electrical system, and digging through paperwork to find out more about manufacturer’s warranties on major systems. The great news is that there are warranty plans that can cover most of your possessions including those appliances. Home warranty plans can even offer add-on protections and comprehensive coverage at an affordable monthly premium.

Start with a Google search for top home warranty plans and make a list of items you hope to cover. Much like car insurance companies, home warranty plan companies can offer you a variety of coverages that are meant to save you money in the event of a serious repair. The same as you’d pay car insurance, you’ll make monthly premium payments and have a deductible with your home warranty plan. While some plans offer only basic coverage, you can opt for additional coverage, too. When calling for a free quote, ask about exclusions and don’t hesitate to run scenarios by the insurance agent. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and find the right policy for you.

Ways Home Warranty Plans Can Protect You


Maybe you and your family just moved to Wisconsin and you spent hours researching window replacement in Mad City Madison, WI for your new-to-you older home. While making upgrades on your home is generally an enjoyable process, you might be tired out from the big move. The truth is, you’ll sleep better at night if you take the time to look into a warranty plan that can cover not only those windows but your septic system, garbage disposal, hot water heater, and more.

The fact is that you likely bought your house to enjoy it. There’s no better way to do that than to put away worries about things like repair costs by paying a simple monthly warranty protection plan fee.

The Importance of Peace of Mind


Your mental health is important. Avoiding unnecessary worry and anxiety as a homeowner is a great idea. Making the great choice of staying covered will mean less worry when natural disasters strike and more time for enjoying your property. Consider the next roof leak and what it might be like to pick up the phone versus wasting time getting roofer bids for a patch job. The peace of mind might be worth calling for a free home warranty quote now.

At the end of the day, working with a great home warranty company to cover your home repairs is a great way to give yourself peace of mind. In uncertain times, the last thing you want to be worried about is how you’ll pay for home services. Calling a home warranty company to protect yourself now is a great way to protect your financial future as well. When making that first home warranty company call, be sure to ask about the right plan options for your home. When that plumbing or major service repair expense comes up, you’ll thank yourself for spending the time to find a plan with a low deductible and covered major system.

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