Call Center Solutions for the Automotive Industry

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In recent years, call center solutions have become an increasingly popular way for businesses in the automotive industry to gain an edge over the competition and provide a superior customer experience. With the increasing pace of globalization, growing competition in the automotive industry has provided customers with more options when buying a vehicle, leading customers to impose greater demands on automotive companies and expect personalized customer experience.

To reach a wider audience and encourage growth, automotive companies must focus on prioritizing customer service, finding new technological solutions, and staying within budget. With that in mind, here’s how call center solutions can shape the success of your automotive business.

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

For first-time customers, buying a car is a big deal. Cars are high-value commodities, and purchasing a new vehicle requires careful consideration and planning. Consequently, customers typically consider multiple vehicles, conduct research, and take test drives before making a purchase to ensure they’re making a good choice. In most cases, customers will browse the manufacturer’s website, read customer reviews, or book a test drive online through the dealership’s website.

With artificial intelligence (AI) and live chatbots, potential customers can ask questions about a car’s status and receive an instant answer. Additionally, publishing a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your business’ website can provide customers with self-service options by allowing them to find the answers to their questions.

For example, Easy Car Shipping, a car shipping company, offers a car shipping services FAQ page for potential customers with information on payment and cancellation and open transport and enclosed car shipping. With a hassle-free online quote calculator, customer reviews, and affordable prices, customers can rest assured knowing there are no hidden fees involved with their vehicle transport. Ultimately, AI and self-service options reduce call volume, boost agent productivity, and make it easier for customers to learn more about your business.

Customer Outreach

After the average customer purchases a vehicle, they make a downpayment and obtain financing for the rest of the amount in the form of a car loan. Customers are required to make monthly loan payments to keep the vehicle. For auto dealerships, contact center software can ensure that customers don’t forget to make monthly payments.

Omnichannel call center solutions also give dealerships the opportunity to upsell financing options, add-ons, and after-sale services. In other words, utilizing an integrated system with CRM and other software required on your business’ end can increase your chances of forming long-term relationships with customers.

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center solution and Oracle Service Cloud integration combine one of the industry’s leading CRM solutions with the most advanced contact center software on the market, allowing dealerships to provide personalized experiences and high-quality interactions. Omnichannel communications enable customers to seamlessly interact with your business on their preferred channel (e.g., chat, social media, voice call, etc.), while the Oracle contact center provides access to the data available in the Oracle.

Omnichannel Routing

The key to the success of any automobile business is excellent customer service. To deliver a personalized customer experience, it’s important to equip your agents with the best cloud call center technology available to interact with your customers. Investing in a powerful omnichannel routing engine provides a context-rich, personalized experience for every customer.

With omnichannel routing, customer interactions can be routed based on your business strategy. For example, omnichannel routing can conveniently connect customers with the last agent who interacted with the customer to provide a consistent level of service. Omnichannel routing helps automotive businesses run a more efficient call center with more productive agents and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Contact center solutions for automotive businesses allow business owners to prioritize customer service experience. Whether you’re running a dealership or car shipping service, every interaction between your business and your customers is significant. Ultimately, investing in the right contact center solutions can ensure a satisfactory customer journey from start to finish.

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