Why You Should Focus on Health and Wellness in the Workplace

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Promoting a more positive work culture, decreasing fatigue, burn out and absenteeism, and increasing productivity are just a few reasons many business owners and managers are doing all they can to support health and wellness in their workplaces. If you’re a business owner looking to encourage healthy lifestyles for your employees, read on for ideas.

Wellness Programs and Education


A great place to start when it comes to health and wellness initiatives in the workplace is through employee health education. Many companies are now offering free wellness programs that include speakers on a variety of healthy lifestyle topics. From companies who sell pure CBD gummies and can talk about the benefits of CBD products to speakers on the topics of exercise and mental health in the United States, these programs are giving employees tools to stay happy in spite of the global pandemic.

In recent years, and even through the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have been able to teach employees about things like ways to relieve insomnia through the best CBD gummies and how melatonin supplements at bedtime can mean a more productive workday and better quality of life. Even for remote workers where social distancing is a must due to shutdowns and restrictions, these programs are helping employees with mental health, time management, and decreasing the overall stress in their lives.

No different from the way businesses work so hard to improve the customer experience, they’re putting their efforts into the employee experience, too. This helps with staff retention and the ability to attract a more qualified and diverse team.

Fostering a Supportive Environment


Even first-time business owners understand that employees will be more motivated to produce quality work if they are working in a healthy work environment. Using business models like the one developed by the CEO of Venterra realty, they are seeing a difference with the addition of wellness and support programs in their corporate cultures.

Venterra CEO John Foresi understands the importance of working hard to foster a positive work environment with a nod toward employee well-being. Business leaders like this are doing all they can to help their employees succeed in hopes that it will swing back around to their companies’ overall success, too.

One way businesses are providing this environment is by offering regular team-building activities, fitness programs, and challenges, as well as peer support groups for stress management. All these programs add up to employees with higher energy levels and better attitudes that end with high productivity and better product results.

Wellness Incentives


Many employees are responding well to wellness incentive programs. A great option to get team members on board when it comes to fitness challenges, a healthy balance between life and work, and increased health, companies are sponsoring health and wellness programs that offer gift cards to gyms, spas, and health food stores as ways to encourage healthy behaviors.

Other business owners are teaming up with health companies and therapy offices for discounts on services gifted to employees meeting or exceeding expectations. Some companies are using wellness incentives to encourage the pursuit of excellence through initiating team-building workshops where employees can use office hours to network, share ideas about health and wellness in the workplace, and/or attend free seminars.

For top-performing teams, businesses are bringing in free organic and balanced lunches as well as setting aside time and space for healthy cooking classes or yoga trainers. The ideas for incentives are nearly as limitless as the therapeutic benefits these programs provide.

At the end of the day, by focusing on employee wellness and making wellness programs a priority in your business, you’ll give your company strength. From a happier and more productive workforce to the perks that come with a team environment, making wellness and healthy lifestyles part of your company’s mission will pay off.

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