What Is LifeRaft? How Does It Work?

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Public opinion is critical to American adults. This is evident through the way in which people throughout the U.S. turn to analytics, polls, and reviews for insight into what decisions they should make. COVID-19 only strengthened their resolve to understand and digest quality market research and information. Two heavyweights in this sector are the Harris Poll and LifeRaft.

Why Analytics and Market Research Are Important


Since its inception, the Harris Poll has aimed to offer insights to consumers and businesses through its collection of data surveys. It aims to pinpoint modern values of society to help future leaders build a better tomorrow. The current CEO of the Harris Poll, Will Johnson, exemplifies these values of the company. His previous work for the Young & Rubicam Group Company—where he served as President of BAV Consulting—and Chief Strategist of BrandAsset Valuator—where he worked on the world’s largest study of brand behavior—places his experience with digital market services among the elite in the U.S. and around the world. Will Johnson of The Harris Poll has been hailed for his report to the “World Economic Forum on ‘Best Countries’ a rating of eighty nations, against twenty-thousand elites, business people and citizens in partnership with U.S. News & World Report and The Wharton School.”

Veteran strategists like Johnson recognize the seismic effects that can come from companies accurately identifying the wants of their customers. Using this level of social intelligence to gain leverage against the evolving needs of the consumer is vital to staying ahead of competitors. Not only has Johnson overseen strategy firms at the height of analytics, but he’s also connected with the consumer through his written word in The Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, and Politico, among others.

Using Digital Market Services for Protecting Your People and Assets

As Harris insights have proven, access to the largest independent data resources can really help a company. This is also true for protecting your company. LifeRaft specializes in the acquisition of data and merging it with physical security. Though not producers of security software and devices, they assist organizations with discovering and leveraging information to be ready for the multitude of digital and physical security risks. In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security is taking cybersecurity seriously, but it’s the U.S. neighbors to the north who are being innovative about protections.

This Canadian-based company follows the example set by its leadership in senior roles. They are a model of consumer values that create innovative, diverse, and energetic workers geared toward giving businesses the access to information they need to make the right choice in their security needs. Their overall vision revolves around filling the gaps in security around the world. They can execute this using their navigator software.

How Navigator Interacts With the Continuous Pulsing of Society and Protects Your Assets


At the core of monitoring potential threats is Navigator. It continuously scans social media as well as the deep and dark web. Furthermore, it filters and automates the collected data to eliminate the need for manual interpretation of the information. It also sends alerts in real time. That means as the software scans and detects a potential threat, your company will be able to execute a strategy against what it uncovers. Common issues Navigator might identify would be threats to an employee, people on your property who shouldn’t be there and plans to act against your organization.

Navigator not only collects all this data but also offers your company the ability to analyze and interpret it. You can perform intelligent data mining on billions of posts to identify trends. It helps to recreate scenarios through its collection of past events. Navigator also helps to create interactive graphs to display information visually, and it provides location services. Navigator takes data analysis to the next level of identifying threatening situations for your company.

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