What Is Airborne Electronic Hardware?


Many travelers have faced the unfortunate news that their flight to a vacation destination, conference, or back home has been delayed as a result of an electronic system on the airplane. That being said, most travelers don't have much understanding of what sorts of electronic systems exist on an airplane and what their purpose even is. With so many news stories focusing on airline safety lately, many people are trying to learn more about what makes an airplane work. More importantly, consumers and journalists alike are diving into the world of airborne electronic hardware, which is the electronic hardware airlines use for instrumentation. If you're wanting to learn more about the electronic hardware that's used by airplanes, read on.

There's a wide range of systems that fall under the category of airborne electronic hardware. Flight and engine controls, for example, are some of the most critical components of an airplane's airborne electronics. These are the tools that pilots use to control the aircraft during flight, as well as during takeoff and landing. As such, it's critical that the hardware controlling these systems are appropriately checked before each flight using a checklist that verifies each component is properly configured. That being said, autopilot systems have an equally vital role to play and are another piece of electronic hardware. One of the primary roles that a plane's autopilot system is used for is helping maintain the aircraft's trajectory during flight. Note that autopilot doesn't eliminate the need for an airplane pilot. Instead, autopilot assists them in some of the most basic flight functions so that they don't need to manually handle every adjustment during the flight. This frees up their flight time to focus on more important aspects of the aircraft's electronic systems.

The types of people who mainly deal with airborne electronic hardware are design or verification engineers and project managers or certification managers. These sorts of individuals are tasked with ensuring that each plane's hardware is properly manufactured and configured. In order to serve as a hardware engineer or any of the previously listed roles, it's important that you receive the appropriate design assurance guidance and certification. D0-254 training ensures that you have the proper certification and knowledge of best practices to work in avionics hardware development. During a DO-254 training session, you'll learn the ins and outs of how to use the latest FAA and EASA guidance in your assessment of avionics hardware. This includes taking a closer look at the lifecycle and application of DO-254 standards, as well as how to conduct various safety assessments in conjunction with appropriate DO-254 documentation. You'll also learn how to verify different requirements under DO-254 using hardware tests as well as simulations. Beyond conducting tests, you will also gain a deeper understanding of how to write and program various logic devices, as well as how to deal with different tool assessment techniques. Generally, training is conducted over a series of days in multiple sessions.

When it comes to ensuring FAA and EASA compliance and offering a wide range of guidance, training, and certifications, AFuzion is one of the leaders in the aviation and avionics industry. From offering classes in DO-254 training and sharing DO-178B whitepapers so that your avionics engineers are capable of gap analysis and quality assurance, there are numerous ways that you can improve the way you work with airborne electronic hardware. AFuzion offers DO-254 training publicly and privately, as well as online training videos. This makes it easier to find a training solution that fits your needs or your company's interests. Keep this resource in mind, and you'll be well on your way to staying compliant with all aviation regulations.

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