Tips on Running an Energy Company More Efficiently

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Energy companies rely heavily on an efficient and lean organizational structure to achieve key results and keep their teams in alignment. From goal-setting tactics that help team members hone in on business objectives to external tools like Slack and Asana that allow small and large enterprises to enhance visibility and teamwork, the energy market is brimming with the need for efficiency.

For companies that want to increase efficiency or maintain optimal levels of agility and scalability, the right tools make a critical difference. Between OKR best practices and communication optimization, it’s critical that the entire organization and its active users have an engagement solution in place for success.

Incorporate a goal framework.


If you want your business to operate at the highest level, you need to ensure that your team is in alignment. Between KPIs, key results, and other critical insights, it’s often difficult for brands to track general performance. The next step in efficiency activation is the incorporation of an OKR platform. OKRs refer to objectives and key results. Key results can include more tab clicks, search results mentions, or digital visibility. They can also be more tangible metrics too. The right OKR software can also integrate with your existing platforms. Some OKR software pairs well with tools such as Asana, Slack, Trello, and Microsoft Teams.

With the ongoing impact of COVID-19, Microsoft Teams has proven to be a highly valued tool. As such, Microsoft Teams integration is a necessity for many energy companies. However, not every OKR will integrate with Microsoft Teams as smoothly as one might hope. Often, it depends on the OKR context and native integration capabilities. For example, if you want OKR notifications through your chosen communication dashboard, you need to set the right priorities for the OKR platform’s native integrations. Microsoft Teams OKR software has only grown in popularity over the past year and it appears that MS Teams will factor into the daily workflow of national energy brands for some time to come.

Find a new way to optimize communication.


Insofar as communication is concerned, you probably rely on a phone system and some form of chat capability. Unfortunately, few United States communication providers work effectively with energy companies or allow them to garner valuable insights into end-to-end performance. A simple phone number and phone system won’t enable you to hit company goals or optimize your overall performance. Also, these systems allow for distractions and don’t integrate well with other technology at times. For large enterprises, this can easily become problematic. That’s where certain brands can aid agility and give you a better look at the context of your ongoing business communications.

Quixotic 360, for example, works as so much more than a SaaS or application of a business performance software tool. The Quixotic platform allows an energy company to optimize distributor communications and automatically generate and exchange XML files. Quixotic works in both a bi-directional and end-to-end manner that allows subscribers to enhance team alignment and verify real-time progress. Real-time insights, in particular, are paramount for flexible energy companies and are almost necessary for ongoing growth.

Consider continued education.

Do you have the right individuals at the helm? Do you attend virtual workshops and conduct performance reviews to verify goal progress? Do you listen to podcasts or visit conference venues for industry insights and developments? If not, you may need to add these tools to your ongoing agenda. While a podcast can’t completely revolutionize your company structure, it can provide you some templates for success. Continued education is critical, especially since the energy market continues to experiment with technological developments and advancements.

Whether you’re using MS Teams OKR notifications or you’re realigning your communication, there are ways to ensure electrical industry efficiency without sacrificing business integrity.

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