Tips for New HVAC Company Owners

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As long as people need heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, in their homes and businesses, HVAC professionals will have a stronghold in the market. In fact, demand for HVAC professionals is expected to continue to grow through at least 2029. If you’re already in the HVAC business, you are ahead of the curve and setting yourself up for success. With new construction booming in many areas of the United States, you could expect prosperous times and opportunities moving forward. With the industry in high demand and a general labor shortage, there couldn’t be a better time to be in the HVAC industry. Let’s take a look at some tips for new HVAC company owners that could help ensure your success.

Make upselling part of your strategy.



One strategy that you could employ to help you turn a profit is upselling. We have all run into this at the car dealership, at a furniture store, or another place where we are helped by a salesperson. It is the idea of introducing your customer to upgraded goods or services that you can then sell to them. Upselling is a useful sales tactic you can add to your marketing strategy as it costs less money than traditional ads and allows you to make more money from existing clients. Upselling could be an important part of your HVAC marketing strategy because upselling is an opportunity to showcase your other services. Additionally, your customer may not even realize that they need a certain service and you will be improving their customer experience. They also might not be aware that you provide certain services so upselling is a great time for cross-promotion. Forming a partnership with a vendor like National Air Warehouse will allow you to offer a variety of HVAC products at an affordable price to your customers. Having a wide selection of products will allow for many upselling opportunities.

Focus on customer service.



It can be said that sometimes tradespeople are lacking in the customer service department of their business. While this is not the case for all tradespeople, that can be the reputation. To combat this stigma, you should strive to provide the best service to all clients. To do this, you can look for ways to go beyond expectations. For example, you might be there to install the furnace, but you could also check their AC, humidifier, or hot water tank while you are there as an added service. This could also help you with your upselling strategy by offering recommendations. This approach will help you build customer loyalty and it can lead to new clients as well. Your customer service should also extend beyond that heat pump installation. You can partner with a call center business like Bright Pattern. A CCaaS or contact center as a service can be used to ensure customer satisfaction to handle inbound calls for a help desk or service solutions. Employing this contact center technology will help you deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Pay attention to scheduling and efficiency.



Scheduling inefficiencies can be an enormous waste of time, resources, and money. The last thing that you want to be known for is sending out multiple crews to the same street or neighborhood at the same time, or on the same day. A simple fix to this is to use software to create a list of service calls for the day and generate a map of your jobs for each day. This will help with scheduling as you can visualize the appointments for the day and schedule according to proximity and type. This will also help during the day in case there is an emergency service call since you’ll be able to dispatch a crew to the location based on their proximity. The goal is to save resources and time. By getting better organized and protecting your finances with business insurance, you will be able to ensure that each day runs as efficiently as possible.


Incorporating these few tips into your HVAC business strategy will help your reputation, improve your service standards, and increase your bottom line. By running a successful HVAC business you will set yourself and your employees up for a secure future.

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