The Importance of Evaporator Coils in Food Processing


Evaporator coils are a vital part of food processing and are used to reduce the moisture content of food and to cool and dry food. By controlling the amount of moisture in food products and maintaining cool temperatures, evaporator coils ensure that food can be safely stored and transported. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of evaporator coils in food processing, and for the best prices on evaporator coil options, check out Genemco.

They cool food products.

Evaporator coils are an essential component of the modern food cooling system. They’re responsible for cooling food products by taking heat from them, evaporating it, and then releasing it into the atmosphere. In this article, we’ll discuss the various types of evaporator coils available and how they work to cool food products. The three main types of evaporator coils used in refrigeration systems are direct expansion, flooded, and recirculated. Direct expansion coils use refrigerant to absorb heat from the air or liquid, which is then released as the refrigerant evaporates. With flooded coils, refrigerant is stored in a separate container and is then pumped into the evaporator coil. In recirculated coils, refrigerant is circulated through the evaporator coil, where it absorbs heat from the air or liquid.

They control humidity.


Evaporator coils are used to absorb moisture from the air, which helps reduce humidity levels. They’re typically made of stainless steel or copper and are designed to be highly efficient at removing moisture from the air. The coils are placed in strategic locations within the food processing plant, such as near the processing equipment, where moisture is the highest. The evaporator coils are typically connected to a refrigerant system, which provides the power to cool and dehumidify the air. The evaporator coils absorb the moisture from the air and transfer it to the refrigerant system, which then circulates it back into the air as cold air. This process helps reduce the humidity levels in the food processing plant.

They reduce energy costs.

Evaporator coils are a type of refrigeration system that’s used to cool air or liquid. They’re a great way to reduce energy costs in food processing because they’re extremely efficient. The coils absorb heat from the air or liquid, which cools it down and reduces the amount of energy needed to cool the air or liquid. In a food processing business, evaporator coils are especially useful because they can help reduce energy costs associated with refrigeration. For example, the coils can be used to cool the air in the processing facility, which reduces the amount of energy needed to keep the facility at an optimal temperature. Additionally, the coils can be used to cool the liquid in the processing process, which helps to reduce energy costs associated with cooling the liquid.

They reduce the amount of time needed to process food products.


When it comes to food processing, evaporator coils play an important role in reducing the amount of time it takes to process food products. The evaporator coils are designed to efficiently cool food processing facilities and maintain humidity levels by using a combination of low temperatures and high airflow. This helps control the moisture level of the food while maintaining optimal temperatures. As a result, the evaporator coils help reduce the amount of time needed for further food processing steps, such as drying, freezing, and pasteurizing.

Overall, evaporator coils play a vital role in the food processing industry by providing efficient cooling, efficient use of energy, and improved food safety and sanitation. By controlling the temperature, evaporator coils help preserve the quality of processed food and ensure a safe and healthy food supply.