Style Tips for Women in Business

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First impressions are major, especially when heading into an interview or new job site. When you’re trying to present the right image, dressing in a way that shows respect, while still expressing your style is imperative. Before heading to work, check out the dress code policies specific to your office to get a clear idea of what you can wear. Some companies are lenient with their requirements, while others are more business-oriented. We know it’s difficult to plan our outfits ahead of time, so here are a few tips to help you get the look you need.

Don’t over-accessorize

When picking accessories to go with your outfit, mix it up. Instead of pilling up on jewelry, pick something that’s simple, yet elegant. Don’t overthink it. Make-up is important but you should keep it minimal with a natural look. Keep in mind where you’re headed so you can accessorize appropriately.

You could even get creative with your phone case., for example, sells unique wooden phone cases. They’re available in different styles, too! You could have it engraved with the American flag, Kanagawa waves, or a colored pineapple, among other things. Having a one-of-a-kind phone case could add just enough of your personality to your look.

Invest in staple pieces

We get it: You need to save money, but your wardrobe isn’t the place to start. Staple pieces are a great way to build an office-appropriate wardrobe. Pay attention to the materials, as you’ll want to buy high-quality clothing. This will save you money while also letting you enjoy your clothes longer.

A solid color blazer or a trench coat would make a versatile piece in anyone’s closet. This isn’t party time, try to steer clear of glitter and sequins. (Unless you’re working in a nightclub or funky hair salon!) Clothing made of silk, wool, or leather should be cleaned professionally. Other pieces made of cotton or knits can be washed at home.

Create your own style

It can be a struggle to create your style. While your job is not a fashion show, you still want to walk in as if it was. Find out what outfits spark your interest. Starting with a strong wardrobe foundation could make creating your style a lot easier.

Are you more interested in warmer colors rather than cool? Wear what makes you confident. You might enjoy wearing a knit top with straight leg pants. Imagine yourself wearing different outfits, even if someone else is wearing it. Everyone; including celebrities get inspiration from somewhere. Own your style, and be proud of it.

Get your clothes tailored

If you’re going to invest in good quality clothing, you should have it tailored to fit. Every so often we go to the store and the sizes we find are not exactly fitting. You wouldn’t want to go to the office in baggy clothes. Go through and determine which outfits you should have tailored. Try to search for a tailor you can trust, they are harder to find in today’s time. It will probably be more costly, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Clothes that fit well could give you a boost of confidence.

Hopefully, our tips will help you get the style your seeking. Each workplace has different dress codes. If you get the chance to dress casually at work one day, keep it humble and tidy. Remember your size doesn’t define who you are. If your still unsure about an outfit, ask a co-worker to get a second opinion. Be true to you and dress that way you feel is best.

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