How to Protect Yourself From Physical Attacks on Your Business

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With so many online businesses these days, and more coming as the popularity of online shopping continues to skyrocket when you think of protecting your business, your mind may immediately jump to cybersecurity. Just type something like “business attacks” into a search engine, and you’ll see that every headline is about data breaches and cyber threats. While no one is going to argue that cybersecurity isn’t important, you can’t afford to forget that any business with a physical premise is vulnerable to physical threats and attacks as well.

Of course, sometimes, cyberattacks and physical attacks are intertwined. Attacks in 2021 have demonstrated that hackers now view physical infrastructure as a prime target, and they’ve gone after a major gas pipeline, meat producer, and more. While this is all severely alarming, you can’t forget to protect your business against simple physical threats like thieves, vandals, or worse parties with malicious intent. Here a just a few great ways to step up your physical security and things you can do following an attack.

Threat Intelligence Platforms


You may think this sounds like yet another cybersecurity solution but think again. LifeRaft offers a way for business leaders to identify physical threats to their operations and prevent the events before they occur. LifeRaft’s product is able to automatically collect and analyze content from open sources like discussion forums, social media, webchats, and even the dark web to identify threatening posts and alert you in real-time.

This frees your security team up from having to conduct these searches manually, and you’ll be able to intelligently respond to troubling events as they emerge. Life Raft can even be used to help you protect any outside events your business takes part in, such as trade shows or community workshops.

Cloud-Enabled Security Cameras


Every business should have a security camera system to protect against both internal and external threats. Footage can be used as evidence in liability cases, cameras discourage theft on premises, and security footage can be used to identify criminals who attack a place of business. It’s important to realize, though, that there are notable security vulnerabilities in many camera systems that have been trusted for years.

IP cameras have been trusted by storefronts and other businesses for decades, but they’re still vulnerable to DDoS attacks, and malicious parties can even seize control of these cameras through security vulnerabilities. If you want to ensure your security camera system works the way you want it to at all times, then a hybrid on premises and cloud solution is your best bet.

With this setup, each camera will require a set of two keys before they can be accessed. One is stored on the camera itself, and the other is kept in a cloud server. Only when the camera and the cloud network are in direct contact will the camera give up its secrets. This protects your camera system from both cyberattacks and from criminals physically stealing the camera.

Personal Injury Attorneys


While it would be ideal to never have a personal injury occur at your business, the realities of life make this extremely unlikely. Commercial liability and workers’ compensation insurance will protect you in case of customers or employees being hurt by mistake, but what happens if you’re physically attacked by assailants at your business? What if you’re the victim of a car accident in the parking lot while trying to leave for the day?

There are any number of ways you could be injured at your business, and in order to have your best chance at fair compensation, you’ll need to have a talented lawyer on hand like this personal injury attorney in Metairie.

A personal injury lawyer can help you get fair compensation from an insurance company that’s trying to deny your claim, or they can help you file a lawsuit against a guilty party for negligence or malicious action that caused you to suffer a serious injury. While many personal injury attorneys focus on car accidents, practice areas can include malpractice, gross negligence, and even assault, in some cases.

While it’s always best to stop a physical attack at your business before it occurs, you’ll still need a plan to deal with the aftermath in the event of an unforeseen scenario.

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