How To Expand Your Business Smartly

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Business growth occurs naturally over time, but without the right attention to detail, you can’t hope to nurture the type of movement and long-term buyer relationships that you will want to see. Businesses are like gardens, babies, or investments — they all need constant attention and care. But if you get it right as a seller in the marketplace, the rewards are endless.

Bet big on your future.


Outlets like Roivant Sciences, their subsidiaries, and Vivek Ramaswamy know this. That’s why Roivant, led by its CEO Vivek Ramaswamy, has bet big on their internal processes and raised a huge sum of money to broker their immediate future of research and development. Roivant Sciences and Ramaswamy are in the process of funding a restart of a number of drug trials that other pharmaceuticals have abandoned for budgetary or priority reasons. But Roivant hasn’t given up on these life-saving medications, becoming one of the largest pharma buyers in the process.

Lifesaving medication like cost-effective diabetes solutions is falling by the wayside because big pharma and their subsidiaries’ actuarial tables suggest that the research isn’t worth the cost. In addition, the dividends returned from such a development wouldn’t justify the research into a lifesaving option for millions of people. Roivant and Vivek Ramaswamy are flipping this model on its head and going all-in on this new way of thinking about medical research and drug manufacturing.

Like Roivant, there are so many ways that you can begin to expand your brand and business — but this will take extensive research and a dedication to your own success. With these ideas, you can get started along this new path to high earnings and increased market presence.

Outsource unnecessary expenses for streamlined cash flow.


Small businesses make up the vast majority of the U.S. marketplace. Small businesses typically operate with a small footprint or trade locally for the bulk of their sales or service contracts. As well, small operations trend really small, with five times as many single proprietorships and non-employer businesses as those operating with less than 20 employees. As a sole proprietor, you don’t typically have the skillset to manage each and every task that a business needs in order to function at a high octane — this is why larger units establish insular teams to handle finance, fabrication, research and development, IT, and marketing.

Outsourcing some of these tasks, particularly the ones that you lack extensive skills in, will free up your schedule to focus on the big picture. Without having to worry about how to fix your computer or build an advertising campaign that will be a smash hit you can continue to develop and improve your products or really dig into questions surrounding your budget and operating costs. With the help of online repairs, the IT work can be made simple. Virtual assistance has become a major sector of the IT business unit and firms all over the United States are working with clients to get their machines back up and running with only a few offsite diagnostics and a streamlined solution.

In the age of Covid-19 concerns and local restrictions on movement, the peace of mind that comes with a virtual assistant couldn’t be more helpful than it is in this current moment.

Tackle a digital branding initiative.


In addition to fast-thinking movements on the ground and a growing profit-to-expense ratio, you need to focus on building an online presence on social media and your own web page. It’s estimated that nearly a quarter of all business will be done online by 2023, and even more advertising runs through social media and online video content as its primary source of targeting audiences.

You will need to run a two-pronged advance. First, buy IPv4 domain space to begin growing your own network of IP address destinations for showcasing products and services offered by your brand. Next, you will want to generate buzz around your brand with the help of a robust social media blitz. Advertising online by investing in IP spaces within Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere is the best way to reach out to a targeted market audience that is primed to listen and wants to hear from you.

Your IPv4 address is a crucial step to creating the success that will last throughout your time in business. IPv4 addresses link customers’ browsers with your online presence, acting as a set of directions and bridge to your site’s digital location. High-quality SEO practices and a catchy IP address and site name will stand by you in the years to come — especially as more and more consumers look primarily or solely to the internet for answers to their most pressing questions and purchasing needs.

Expanding business operations takes a long-term vision and a plan for executing your mission to perfection. Not everything will always go to plan of course, but if you think multiple steps ahead as you look to create future growth for your firm you will be able to sidestep any issue that may arise with grace and skill. Take in these market trends and stay ahead of the competition as you look to make headway for the future.

Doyle Fowler is one of OI's talented and experienced consultants, responsible for getting to the heart of our readers' needs and creating solutions that are meaningful to help you and your business. Doyle is also a regular contributing writer.

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