Church Management Software: Streamline Your Ministry With OKRs

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Do you have an ever-expanding church community that you want to keep on track? Did your humble gathering evolve into a multi-campus megachurch? If these apply to you, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities they entail. Managing a team of leaders, volunteers, and attendees can be a large undertaking, but there are tools that can help.

If your church could use some guidance in keeping things organized, consider streamlining your ministry with the proper software. Here are a few ways OKR software can help unite your church community and maintain steady growth.

OKR for Newbies

Interested in the prospect of technology-based guidance, but unsure of what it actually does? Sure, technology is often overwhelming, but the idea of OKR technology is quite simple. In using this software, you can enter objectives and key results for your church. What are the things you hope to accomplish either short or long-term, and why are they important to you and your church as a whole? How can you motivate your team of leaders to work towards these goals in an organized fashion? What would be the ideal goals your team achieves within this time frame? The purpose is to set clear intentions, plans to achieve them, and the best possible outcomes.

How does OKR relate to ministry?

If your church has recently expanded and is looking for ways to both maintain and continue growth, OKR software is the perfect tool. Set clear objectives for each of your campuses with corresponding key results. For example, an objective could be increasing your volunteer base at each campus by Easter Sunday.

Your key objectives might look like “50 new volunteers at each campus” or “holding a volunteer expo in the lobby once a month until the end date”. These ideas may not be probable, but the idea is to set your best possible scenario. You might even have financial goals of starting a global outreach. Set an objective of beginning a ministry in a third world country by the end of the year. The key results would be “planning 3 mission trips in the following year” or “creating a fundraising tool that financially supports a dozen members of the church to attend said trips”.

Why is this tool beneficial?

It can be difficult to keep track of progress and follow set plans without a clear course of action. When you have multiple sites to manage, each with its own set of employees, the level of difficulty increases. OKR software allows each member of your team to stay focused on the task at hand.

As the leader of the program, you have the ability to set access based on individual members to progress reports and other valuable information. Your team can clearly see the progression of objectives with incentives to maintain that progress. The software also provides online meeting capability to view status as a group, even when you’re in various buildings. Discuss current advancements, make notes of problem areas, and when you log in for the next discussion, the last meeting will be saved for comparison.

Stay Connected 24/7

For churches in need of constant communication across campuses, having one site for all methods of communication is key. Have your team download Slack for instant messaging that integrates with your OKR software. Relay key elements, progress reports, and areas of improvement within the software using quick messaging tools. Your pastors, team leaders, and full-time staff can stay connected in an organized, centralized meeting place. When you work together as a team to achieve a common goal, there’s no stopping your ministry from becoming the best it can be.

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