6 Investments to Splurge on This Year

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This may be the year for change for you, but it’s hard to decide what change you want to make. Sometimes, a simple purchase decision can be an unexpected thing that helps you in small ways. If you find yourself saying, “I don’t want to spend my money on that,” but also wonder how to improve certain aspects of your life, you might realize it’s time to shift your focus to something unusual. This year, as you make decisions about what you want your life to be like and what self-improvement endeavors are worthwhile, try viewing some of your purchases as investments instead of just something you spend your money on.

Think outside the box when it comes to making your choices. Below are a few examples of items you might want to splurge on this year as you try to improve your health, your home, and your life.

1. Consider using CBD products for your aches and pains.


If your personal health is at the top of your list, you may want to start small and add to your self-care regimens. Consider something that more and more health care practitioners are recommending that can help deal with specific symptoms: CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is an active ingredient in marijuana and a very popular option for pain relief, anxiety, and other common issues.

The FDA and drug administration agencies are increasingly viewing CBD and hemp products as viable options to help with ongoing issues in the mind and in the body.

Companies like planetearthcbd.com offer a wide variety of products to help you find ways to benefit from this booming OTC option. CBD can be consumed in many ways, like pills, gummy edibles, and flavor powders that can be mixed into a drink. Planet Earth CBD offers a wide array of products so you can find something that suits your lifestyle, and they offer free shipping.

2. Refresh your home by painting the interior or the exterior.

If you’re more interested in improving your surroundings, you might want to start with a simple upgrade to your personal environment. When it comes to your living space, a little paint can go a long way. Consider giving your home’s interior or exterior a facelift this year with exquisite, expressive high-performance color or a more traditional shade that gives your home a timeless feel.

Think something classic like beige or grey, or go with something trendy like mint or coral. If you want to use this method to improve your life this year, you might quickly realize that you have a lot of options. But that doesn’t have to overwhelm you because there are many pro resources available to help you pick the correct primers, shades, and finishes that will give your home the mood change it needs.

Or, you can really dig deep into your DIY impulses and learn more about what goes into a paint can from Dunn Edwards’s educational series. Dunn-Edwards is a paint manufacturing company that believes in always providing superior products and services to its customers. In fact, Dunn-Edwards paint has been sharing their expertise since 1925 and continuously improving since their founding.

3. Get clean, freshwater delivery straight to your house.


Sometimes, you might find a refreshing change where you least expect it. Maybe the splurge you’re looking for is in something even more fundamental to your life, and we’re all increasingly concerned about our health. What’s one of the most important things you consume in a day? Water is essential to our well-being, and you might not know what is in your tap water. This year think about getting a home water delivery service. That can help guarantee the health of the water you and your family drink.

A water delivery service that comes straight to your doorstep can help free your mind of worry. Find a company with high customer satisfaction levels so you know they’re dependable and they’ll show up with that fundamental element you need. Instead of buying water bottles or jugs from the store and having empty bottles and jugs to recycle, you might instead want to get a water service that will deliver a water cooler directly to you, then replace it when you’re done. It’s quick, easy, and reliable.

4. Increase your internet security.

If safety is your concern this year, look to the device in front of you. Is your computer protected? Is your personal information at risk? In the U.S. each year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that upwards of 9 million people have their identities stolen. If that makes you feel like the privacy policy of your favorite site may not be enough, consider using a third-party service for you and your family.

If you purchase software to help protect your device, you’ll receive warnings when there’s a risk of a hacker, a phishing attack, or viruses of some kind. Companies like SDS, Inc. specialize in helping you stay safe from potential cyber threats.

5. Amp up your bath and shower products.


Bathing should be enjoyable and relaxing, not taxing. It’s a lot easier to have fun when you feel like you’re indulging, so maybe the splurge you need is a new set of personal cleaning products. Go for a fun scent or a lighter feel, or look for a set of natural products that make you feel good about preventing harm to the environment.

Take your time researching the products to get the outcomes you want, preventing potential interactions that could lead to possible complications with your skin or hair. The human body is built to operate a certain way, and each person is different so you will need to find what functions best for you. But if you find the right match for yourself, it can provide a huge improvement in the way you feel.

6. Spend more time doing your favorite hobby or learning a new one.

Splurging doesn’t always have to be about money. Sometimes it can be about time. If you’re looking to feel more emotionally and mentally healthy after this difficult and seemingly never-ending year, consider spending time with your favorite hobby. Doctors, psychiatrists, and other health care practitioners recognize the value of hobbies as they relate to your mental health.

Learning in and of itself can be considered a hobby, so it might be a good idea to commit to something you’ve always wanted to learn about, especially if it’s in relation to one of your other investments. For example, you may want to learn more about interior design, so researching interior paints and color schemes and investing in an interior design modal to help you learn may brighten your year and your home. Or, if your health is more of a concern and you don’t really want to take a course, consider independently researching CBD options or the way CBD works. You might find out something really interesting that changes your perspective in a positive way.

All in all, this may be the year to splurge on a new investment. You have options in all facets of your life, and sometimes the most creative choices can make you into the person you were always meant to be.

Ahmed Guillen leads OI's editorial staff. He is passionate about professional development and helping our readers navigate starting and enhancing their businesses and investments.

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