5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business

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A business needs to grow to survive. If you’ve been a business owner for years, it might feel like you’re stuck. Maybe you think you’ve tried everything and don’t have anywhere left to grow. If you’re looking for easy ways to promote growth, here are five strategies.

Improve Your Office Space

Many businesses get stuck with the same office space. They don’t see the value in making changes or improvements, especially if that will cost money. But your workspace affects more than you might think. The right workplace can improve employees’ health, connections, and productivity. Making a few changes could promote the growth you’re looking for.

Call up a professional who can tackle your San Francisco office interior design task. You can create collaborative spaces or zen break rooms. Even just adding more plants to the space could improve employee health. If your office is begging for a change, talk to a professional, and get started.

Utilize Digital and Cloud Solutions

Some business owners become stuck in their ways. They’ve been using the same tools for years and haven’t taken the opportunity to learn about new, effective solutions. Don’t become content with slow and unproductive systems. Check out Manobyte and start implementing digital and cloud solutions. Manobyte offers a variety of tools to help you grow your business.

From revenue performance management to inbound marketing, you’ll find the right tool for your company. The professionals will help you understand which strategies will meet your needs. Having the ability to implement new strategies that work will help your business move from stagnating to thriving.

Use Current Clients to Find New Clients

You should already be using a system to manage your customers (if you’re not, make that the sixth item on this list). Now you can use that resource to find new clients. Talk with your current customers about what they appreciate about your business. Provide them with a business card or coupon code to give a friend.

Create a referral program for your customers and offer the current and new customers an incentive when they come into the store or schedule a meeting. Leverage the goodwill that you already have to bring in new clients who will then bring in more clients. The entire system should snowball into endless growth for your business.

Consider Licensing or Franchising

Do you offer a product that would work in a different market? Consider creating a licensing deal with another business. You could offer your product or patent to a larger company or vice versa. If your store sells snow globes, ask your local baseball team if you can feature them in a globe. You’ll widen your market and bring in more customers while also working with a local organization.

Additionally, if your business is already thriving and you’re thinking even bigger, consider making your business a franchise. You can open another location elsewhere and make your company larger than ever. Licensing and franchising are both great ways to improve and grow your business and a lawyer can help you sort out the details.

Make Your Team Unstoppable

Your business can’t grow if your employees aren’t up to the task. Make sure each team member is trained and at the top of his or her game. They should be ready to work hard to grow the business and use their talents to improve the work being done. Improve employee motivation and drive and provide each team member with the knowledge he or she needs to do great work. With unstoppable team members, your business will never stop growing.

Try one or more of these ideas and see how your company grows. With the right tools and strategies, your business will thrive.

Doyle Fowler is one of OI's talented and experienced consultants, responsible for getting to the heart of our readers' needs and creating solutions that are meaningful to help you and your business. Doyle is also a regular contributing writer.

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