3 Ways Tech Is Changing the Way We Do Business

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The rapid evolution of technology has allowed for positive changes in businesses in nearly every way. Businesses can reach customers across a wider area, reach them faster, earn profits faster, conduct more comprehensive research, and automation can save workers from dangerous or time-consuming tasks.

Businesses are often the first adopters of new technologies. Greater speed and convenience lead to more efficient communication and service, after all. Businesses can generally afford to adopt new technology before the average consumer, so in a way, you could say that businesses often “test” new tech before it’s widely used in homes.

Look at a review of ibi, for example. Ibi is a smart photo manager that stores photos and videos from any devices or social networks you choose. This is great for social media or marketing professionals as well as for everyday home use. These are some of the most important ways technology has improved the way we do business.

Market Research

Any successful business should know the importance of market research. It allows you to better understand your target audience, it keeps you updated on competitors and market trends, and it helps your business prepare for the future. A reliable marketing information system (MIS) is, therefore, one of the most crucial pieces of tech a marketing team can have. These systems are comprised of aggregates of databases that can be searched for information and a computer system that analyzes and displays the information in reports. These reports can be long-form, or they can be condensed into smaller chunks or graphics. They’re useful for all kinds of research.

Primary: Primary market research is original research conducted by your company. Things like focus groups, customer surveys, and product testing qualify as primary research. An MIS lets you collect all the data you’ve gathered in one convenient place and easily study it for insights.

Secondary: Secondary market research is any research conducted using outside sources like market reports and news sources. Secondary research has been made much more comprehensive with the rise of big data, and an MIS is great for combing through all that available data to find actionable results for your promoters.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has been crucial for online businesses since the dawn of the Internet, but with the rise of social networks and the need for constant engagement with customers, it’s become a necessity for any successful company. Sites need to be well-optimized for all devices, especially mobile as its percentage of overall web traffic continues to rise. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to change how companies approach SEO thanks to the rising popularity of voice search.

It’s not enough to just worry about keyword research and link building like in the early 2000s. Consumers are growing more used to talking to their cell phones and digital assistants, which means companies need to adapt to advances in natural language understanding. They need keywords and phrases that sound more like natural language in order to get high rankings in search results.

Customer Support

Technology continues to rapidly alter customer service as well. Most businesses have customer contact centers where customer calls are taken by customer service agents who try to direct calls toward resolutions. These days, however, fewer customers are choosing to call in the traditional way. Instead, they have options to use communication methods of their choice including text, email, SMS, webchat, and more. This has led to the rise of the artificial intelligence call center.

AI bots and IVR systems can begin a conversation with a customer and assist them with simple questions. In many cases, this may be enough to resolve the call. If the customer requires further assistance, they can be transferred to a live agent. This helps improve the productivity of customer service reps and provides a convenient experience for customers.

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