10 Business Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

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Combining one’s creativity and artistic talent with the ability to monetize it via a business is a dream for many entrepreneurs. There are so many businesses that you can start for yourself that are centered around creative pursuits that can allow you to pursue something you really enjoy while still being able to make a profit. For those with passion for certain creative fields, traditional work can be difficult to tolerate, so here are 10 interesting business ideas for creative entrepreneurs.

1. Tailor

If you like sewing and designing and enjoy working with customers, start your own business as a custom tailor. You’ll get to work with all kinds of clothing and accessories and you can charge quite a bit for special services.

2. Salon Owner

Owning your own beauty salon is a great business idea, considering that the beauty industry brings in $60 billion per year. You’ll need to reach out to wholesalers for equipment like salon chairs, dryers, and mirrors, but it’s not impossible to get into the salon business without spending an exorbitant amount of money.

3. Home Stager

Home stagers work with realtors and sellers to stage homes so they’ll appeal to buyers. You can develop long-term relationships with clients to provide a consistent income, the housing market isn’t going anywhere.

4. Wedding Photographer

If you’re skilled with a camera, helping people capture the happiest day of their lives can be a rewarding profession. It’s also extremely lucrative once you develop a strong client base.

5. Prop Stylist

Many businesses, photographers, creative professionals, and event managers often need styling for their spaces. A prop stylist combines home design with fashion by creating well-designed locations.

6. Makeup Artist

Artists and creative types who enjoy makeup can start their own business working with individual clients. If you like to travel, you can also make yourself available to work with clients at locations all over the world.

7. Calligrapher

Calligraphy businesses can work with individuals looking for lettering for personal projects or to companies and marketing agencies who want customized work for specific materials or campaigns. You can also specialize and focus on something specific like wedding invitations.

8. Mobile App Designer

If you have an aptitude for coding and technology, you can combine that with your own artistic skill to create games or apps. You can also create apps for other businesses or customers to bring in additional revenue.

9. Art Dealer

Art dealing has been a favored profession for those who love art for centuries. The start-up costs to procure artwork can be high, but if you have the resources, art dealing can be incredibly profitable.

10. Vintage Reseller

Buying and reselling old clothes and furniture is a perfect business to make money for someone with a good eye for merchandise and a strong sense of style. You can find potential products anywhere, from scouring consignment stores to buying Amazon return pallets for a large supply of diverse products in good condition.

For people with creative talent or passion for specific kinds of artistic fields, traditional businesses and jobs can be unsatisfying. If you’re looking to have job satisfaction while also being able to make a profit, there’s a niche out there for you. Whether you’re turning the ability to draw into a calligraphy or makeup business or using a love of style to stage homes or resell clothes, you can turn your talents into a business.

These are just 10 ideas to get you started, but if you put your mind to it, you can come up with an infinite number of ways to turn what you love into what you do to support yourself too.

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