5 Secrets for Success in the Craft Beer Industry


You’re thinking of starting a small business, and craft beer is your business of choice. After all, you love both making beer and serving beer. How could you go wrong? Remember, decide what sort of craft beer you want to spend your money on developing before you begin. Consider all the factors from the price to the supply of a brew already in the market. If you have a product, space, and team, you may think you’re ready for success. While this can sometimes be enough—it usually isn’t.

You also need to know other things to succeed in the craft beer industry. Also, consider things like marketing, sales, and your target audience. It’s essential to understand how to use SEO and video marketing tools to have the right marketing plan for your business. Figure out how to succeed in the craft beer industry with the following tips.

1. Choose useful marketing tools.


It’s essential to market your craft brewery so that you can attract the most customers. Remember that the wrong marketing strategy will not find its way to the right target audience. Since a younger audience usually enjoys craft beer, try a video production service instead of print or magazine ads. Make sure your brand appears fun, creative, and forward-thinking. Consider recording a live video for a blog post or social media site or streaming a live event.

Focus on the right type of content in your video ad as well. A video marketing company can help you with everything from explainer videos to content that shows your brewery in the best light. The best way to market your brewery is to hire a team with years of experience advertising to the perfect potential customers. Read testimonials and do your research so you can pick a marketing service that will do a great job.

2. Focus on your equipment.

Something not everyone thinks about is how equipment can affect success. Everything should be in good condition—your air conditioning, kegs, boilers, and refrigeration services. Apart from picking the highest quality equipment from the start, make sure you service it regularly. It will help you avoid having to replace equipment, which can affect your profit margin.

It’s also essential to ensure your equipment is safe, especially since you’re making a product for consumption. The best way to ensure everything is safe and effective is to hire a mechanical services team. Find technicians who can provide everything from your plumbing and ventilation to your air conditioner, and keep the boiler running effectively.

3. Hire the right team.


Do you have the right team? It’s essential to hire skilled professionals, but you also have to ensure their core values align with your business plan. The craft brewery business is different from other small businesses. Therefore, it’s crucial to have the right team to help you stand out. Your team should know or be willing to follow the best practices for your specific brewery.

4. Research the market.

The craft beer industry changes quickly. You may already have a range of unique beers, custom services, and an attractive digital marketing strategy. Even your beer technicians and live events are top-notch. Still, a competitor could end up more successful than you.

The best way to keep your business from failing is to do sufficient and ongoing research. It’s essential to do this before you start your business, but don’t forget to stay updated. Use your search engine to research other breweries, and ensure you have the most up-to-date marketing plan. Market research will also help you figure out where your small business stands in comparison to your competitors. It will help you learn how to improve and ensure you don’t operate at a loss.

5. Partner with other breweries.


The most attractive aspect of the craft beer industry is that it’s more community-driven than most other industries. So, to remain a fun and appealing brand, you need to partner with other breweries. Partnerships can also help you gain new business, find for new formulations, and create brand awareness.

Attend industry meetings and live events for craft beer. Connect with publications and magazines in the industry and boost other brands that will do the same for you. The more friends you have in the craft beer industry, the more likely you will be to get a new customer now and then.

Faye Ellis brings unparalleled insight on the business trends that matter to our audience. She is a marketing expert who joined us as consultant and now manages all of our valued content.

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