Life: My Experience as a SEO Marketeers

Hi guys, John here.

Today’s new article in Original Icons we would like to talk about my experience as Web Designers / Developers and SEO Marketeers.

This is my story, my name is John I have 27 years old and this is how I started.

I grew up in a little city “Lima” since I was 13 years old I’ve been always passionate about computers. I used to love playing a game called Habbo

I ended up so fascinated about that game that I started questioning myself how can I create or modify some of the things in the game… and that’s how i started with coding. After 2-3 years I became an “average” visual basic, flash programmer.

After that I decided hey, I’d like to create a webpage for this game so that’s what I did… it was a very $#%# site built with HTML and CSS 2 (Yes, CSS 2) then after that i grew up in knowledge looking at our sites and wondering how I could do something similar that put me to learn some PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, Ajax and more… at the age of 18 I stopped playing that game. I got into some troubles with some companies because altering their own sites (friendly, nothing harmful) for this companies… and I got hired by one the websites i “modify” without their permission. At the age of 21 I was able to create beautiful, hand-coded websites with a pretty decent salary but then I was wondering… how do I start my own business I don’t want to be paid every week I want that as a recurring monthly salary… and that’s when I created my Monthly SEO services and I started bringing traffic to this site from social media, organic and more… and that’s my life I’ve been creating over 5 business in the internet and I leave a “decent” life with my girlfriend and my computer.

Hope you guys like the way I got started into online business.
John S.


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