How to treat your images for SEO Purposes.

A big part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the images you upload to your online business, website.
If your missing the following you might not be taking advantage of the full potential traffic that your site can generate.

-Always Upload a Picture

No matter what the topic’s about, you must include at least one picture. When the Google crawler goes to your site he’s expecting to read a <img> tag with an image. If there’s none for google purposes it’s a -1 points. (Look it, that way.). So remember: Always at least ONE picture IN content. (Not just the featured image) include a picture IN content. In between the paragraphs of your content.

-High Quality Images For SEO

Don’t upload pictures 100×100, your site is your identity treat your site if you were a visitor. A professional website wouldn’t use pixeled¬†deteriorated images.
Try to only upload quality pictures to your platform otherwise, your visitors wouldn’t believe that much on what they’re looking at.

-Relevant Images to the Topic

Having relevant images on your blog post, article or on your main page is something we all know Google likes. Try to use the most relevant pictures related to the content your posting. If your script is about Your Band, your music etc… you should upload at least one picture related to your band a concert, a picture of the band etc.. don’t upload a cat or a baby because Google says that’s something we all like.

-Rename the Filename

If you’re google and you’re not able to read images what you’ll read? 1. the alt attribute and 2. the filename. If your filename is “1234921kdix.jpg” what would google understand?¬† Easy, just rename the picture your uploading to: my_band.jpg or live_concert.jpg. Try to help google as much as possible doing this.

– Include the ALT Attribute

Google ALWAYS reads the ALT attribute of any image you’ve on your website. And from there they even place that image on their
on your image never forget to include: <img src=”filename.jpg” alt=”what’s this image about?”/> it’s very important to include the ALT attribute in your image tag.

– Image Compression

As a requisite it’s very important the page load speed. in fact even google helps you to get in shape with their own tool.¬†Compress your image with many online services available. Try not lose quality of the picture and compress it. that way the image will not be a con against the user experience.

For google a very important factor is the Page Load Speed of your site. If you’ve many images without compression that’ll deteriorated your score with google.
So now you know don’t upload any picture without compression.


Hope you guys liked this points related to images on your site for SEO purposes.
I’ll be back very soon.
Matt: Marketing Team in SEO Miami

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